Setting Goals... Not Resolutions

Setting a New Year resolution has never been me. Why? Because if it there something I want to accomplish at the beginning of the year it must not be serious.

Goal setting had started becoming a huge thing for me during my late twenties. Now in my thirties it is even more important! I set goals for work, bills, traveling and blogging!

I wanted to share some new goals I have set and what I am using to document them.

Recap of my Trip to Africa + Dubai

Welcome home! Those are the words I will never forget hearing upon arriving in Africa.
 It was such an enlightening trip. I highly recommend visiting the land of creation.

I visited South Africa. Johannesburg to be more exact.

Two Reasons Most Thrifting Missions Fail

There are many reasons why thrifting Missions fail; bad thrift store, not a good variety, or bad smell. These two reasons I mention happen after I have done my research on the Goodwill I plan to shop at.
  Yes even after all these years of thrifting I sometimes go into a Goodwill and come out empty handed.

Thrifted Edition: Spring has Sprung

In California, it seems as if we have a never ending spring/summer. It rains about 60 days out of the year. And to think people ask me if I will ever leave!
How can you ever think about leaving such amazing weather?!

4 Decluttering Tips

Earlier this week in my blog post I shared a little about how I maintain a little order in my quest for more thrifted items. I have a few more tips to share so let's jump to it.