Thrifting Tips: 101

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Style is in the eye of the thrifter!  Do you have a thrifting eye? Is there a such thing as one? Here are some quick tips on how to score big at the thrift store.


Yelp! : I search for local Goodwills on yelp and look at the reviews. (I write reviews on yelp) I also look at the comments to see what people find. One of the thrift stores I frequent had a comment about having the store having $2 dollar sales once a month. (score!) I have been to two of their $2 sales and my closet is proof of this. It is stuffed.

Whatcha looking for: It is nice to have an idea of what you are looking for. Try not to be super specific. You will not find white pants from New York & Co size 6 with bell bottoms and black stitching. (probably would not find that anywhere lol) You must have a good sense of your style and what you like to wear. You can pair an item up with something from your closet later. If you like it. Buy it. (I always have a "fashion show" every Saturday night to match and play with items from my closet.) I also like to visit Pinterest for cute ideas.

Dress for war: Wear clothing you can easily take off and that will serve as barriers when trying on clothes. The clothes that are donated come from everywhere. When thrifting my outfit generally consists of a loose sweater, tank top and tights. This is so the clothing does not touch my skin before I wash them.

Newbies: If you see a new thrift store be sure to stop in and visit within the first two-three weeks of it's grand  opening. Chances are that it will have a lot of great things that people haven't purchased because they did not know it was there. I scored this cute necklace for 5.99 & Nine West clutch for 7.99 at a grand opening.  (oh yeah baby!)

Poppin tags!

Color of the week: Most Goodwills have the color of the week. Upon entering the store check the signs to see what it says the color of the week is. If it is newer it takes about a month before the color of the week starts.

Discount days:  Savers has a discount day if you are apart of the Savers club. Joining the club is free. This gives you 50% off of the already discounted items on that particular day. The closest Savers to me offers this discount on Sunday's.

Divide and conquer: Pick sections of the store to hit to maximize your selections. For example: First, I go to shoes , second purses (located inside the glass counter), third dresses, fourth is shirts, fifth skirts and lastly I will browse the furniture section for any good items I can use for a DIY.

4 eyes are better than 2?: Yes, you read that correctly. I try to always go to the goodwill with my sister or a friend that knows my style. This helps decrease my search time because we are always finding cute things for each other.

Thrifting is all about how you style it. You make the clothing work for you. During the week, I am business causal. On the weekends or my days off I have more of a simple style. For more of the looks I put together Follow me on instagram. I will post a follow up for more tips soon.


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  1. Cute hair, blog and outfits! :) xx!

  2. Congrats on the new blog! From BLM Girl Julian.

  3. Thank you & Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Those are some great tips! I especially like the one about shopping sections. It works great when you're pressed for time.

    1. Thank you! Yes, as a thriftanista you gotta have a plan for a quick shopping trip :)

  5. I so want to try thrifting!!! Your tips are a great start for me!

    1. thank you! You should definitely give it a shot so worth the money you save thanks for stopping by


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