Thrifting Tips: 201

5:12 AM

So now that you are okay with shopping and purchasing clothing that belonged to other people (wink). If you aren't check out my Thrifting 101 tips.  If you are well then here are some more tips for you.

More tips!

Know yourself: I have a pretty good idea of my size when it comes to certain brands. I can also pretty much tell when something is Old Navy and Target. My favorite Target made brand is Merona I love scoring a nice Merona dress at the Goodwill.

                                                              (thrifted shoes were 7.49)

Pre-Gaming: While waiting to go inside a goodwill browse pinterest, instagram or google images to check for outfit ideas.

Make a list check it twice: Even though I cannot be specific when I walk inside a thrift store. I know a general idea of what I want. This last time I was looking for a white shirt (quarter length sleeves), I have a soft spot for anything with polka dots and I love a nice form fitting dress. (not too form fitting though)

(blazer 5.49 Snake skin pattern clutch 7.99 pants 7.49 Watch is by Daniel Wellington *not thrifted*)

Location, Location!: If you love the name brand items (BCBG, Zara, Michael Kors) all of these labels can be found at a thrift store depending on the location of store. Hollywood, Arcadia, Palos Verdes (essentially the more expensive areas to live) will have more of a selection. I love anything that looks good on me but if it happens to be one of those labels I aint ton' be mad at it.

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  1. Great tips! Stopping by from BLMGirls. I love thrifting and it's become a lifestyle for me. Great finds...especially those shoes!


  2. I plan to do more thrifting in 2015. Thank you for sharing great tips. Stopping by from #BLMGirls

  3. I love that Target is a big supporter/donator to GWBoutique, because I like getting their new items at a fraction of the cost when it was "in season"! #BLMGirls


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