4 Decluttering Tips

11:03 AM

Earlier this week in my blog post I shared a little about how I maintain a little order in my quest for more thrifted items. I have a few more tips to share so let's jump to it.

1. Hangers: It may seem simple but hangers (too many, too little or not the same size) can make your closet feel like a crowded supply room. I recently purchased ALOT of hangers to revamp my closet. My clothes now all hang at the same level. And I must say that slight change has saved my life! It is easier to see what is in my closet and pair items together for a cute outfit! 

2. Donating: I not only shop at the Goodwill. I also donate! After I revamped my closet with the new hangers, I realized I had so many things I could not wear anymore, would not wear and could not fit. I set aside those items I wanted to donate and drop off a few bags at a time.

3. Sections: In my closet, I have organized it by what item and within that sleeve or sleeveless. "Item" meaning all tops are in one section, dresses in another and bottoms are folded in my dresser. In each section, it is organized by shirts with sleeves and shirts without. 

4. A decluttering plan: My plan this year is to wear all of the clothing in my closet at least once. So far I am doing good. (Yes, I know we are two weeks into 2016) I have a system of moving the last item I wore to the front of that section. (If I wear a shirt; it is moved to the front section of the other shirts) This method will allow me to keep track of what I can keep and what I cannot.

Those are all of my tips. Do you have any? Please share them in the comment section below!

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  1. Fantastic tips, Becc. I just bought a new case of hangers and will be implementing your tips this weekend!

    1. Sorry for the late response. I went back and saw I never replied! Hope the tips helped. Although I am sure you probably have it all down packed. :)

  2. I donate as well but don't try on my clothes until I unpack after summer vacation.


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