Becc Smith Blog Relaunch

6:00 AM

Welcome back to my blog!! I took a break to refocus and determine what I wanted to really write about. I started "sharing" my perspective on Youtube with hairstyles and healthy hair tips. Shortly after that I began blogged. I soon grew tired of sharing only about my natural hair. I wanted to discuss more! For example, thrifting which is something I absolutely LOVE to do and have been doing for a number of years. In addition to that, traveling has recently become one of my hobbies as well.

What's next for the blog:

It will focus more on thrifting (fashion), lifestyle tips and traveling sites/experiences. I will discuss my hair occasionally but it will not be a focus on the blog.

Posting Schedule: 

Since I am jumping back in this thang (yes, I said thang) with both feet. I am going to commit to two blog posts a week. Monday & Wednesday a new blog post will be up. Eventually I would like to start posting Youtube videos again. I need to work on that schedule.

How do you feel when you drop a hobby and try to get back to it?
Any tips for feeling inspired? 

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