China Travels: I want to go back.

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Last year in July I took a trip of a lifetime! I flew to Shanghai, China! 

It was my first international trip and one that I was extremely nervous about. I did not speak the language, did a little research but honestly I was not prepared! I just knew I wanted to go! So I joined the study abroad program my school had set up, purchased my accommodations and went for it!

Have you traveled abroad? 

It was thee complete opposite of the US. Everything you can think of was different. Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, malls, smells, street crossing, and driving! We had a tour guide for half of the day. The other half we went out and explored. The architecture of in Shanghai was amazing! I felt like I was in a movie! 

I spent 10 days in total. I was able to see rural villages, water gardens and of course the metropolitan area. I did some shopping in their Science and Technology museum and purchased salt water pearls at Zhujajiao Old Water Village. I am looking forward to going back to visit this city. I definitely felt like I did not see it all. It is rich with history!

What is the next trip you want to take? 

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