Why I Love the Goodwill And You Should Too!

4:00 AM

The Goodwill is quickly becoming one of my favorite shopping locations! I will tell you why...

This weekend the So Cal Goodwill was having a $3 sale. ( Click here to follow me on IG. I share when the sales are happening) I normally have a budget prior to shopping. This time I did not set one. Bad idea! 

I found so many clothing items for work, going out on a date and causal wear. I love the Goodwill because where else can you find great name brands for cheap prices?! Yes, some items are gently used. But I have also found some items with the tags still attached. 

I went WAY over budget. I spent $110 dollars. What did I buy? 

Shoes: Dolce Vita & Massimo (Target Brand)
Eleven Sweaters: The Loft, Massimo, Old Navy, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Talbots
Eleven Dresses: Forever21, Papaya, London Times
Four Tops: Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy
One Jacket: (no brand name)

I will be showing all of these cute clothes on the blog & my instagram.

Do you set a shopping budget? How do you know when you spend too much money while shopping?

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  1. $3 dollar sale?! Thanks very much for sharing. When you weigh what you scored for your $110...that's amazing. I wish they all had $3 sales. lol

  2. You scored some amazing finds at Goodwill. I would go there, but I don't have the patience for shopping and sifting through things.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I definitely understand that. When I first started I had no patience for it as well.

  3. Woah....all of that for only $110??? Yeah, I definitely need to follow my friend's advice and get into the thrifting game. That's awesome.

    1. Thanks for commenting! && yes thrifting is the way to go!

  4. I really need to put more time and effort into thrifting! Your deals sound amazing!


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