Two Reasons Most Thrifting Missions Fail

7:35 AM

There are many reasons why thrifting Missions fail; bad thrift store, not a good variety, or bad smell. These two reasons I mention happen after I have done my research on the Goodwill I plan to shop at.
  Yes even after all these years of thrifting I sometimes go into a Goodwill and come out empty handed.

Reason #1: I arrive a day late and a dollar short!
Well maybe not a dollar short BUT I am definitely a day late. Goodwills in So Cal tend to have 3 sales days. The first day being Saturday 9-12, Sunday 10-1 and Monday all day. 
I get excited about the ALL day Monday sale since I can hit more stores.
I forget that the sale started TWO DAYS before my planned day of attack. 

I have fixed this mistake by hitting stores that I know have a surplus. The Goodwill on Crenshaw Blvd (near the Crenshaw Square) have racks stuffed full of clothing. I know they will have something for me on Monday. The Goodwill on Santa Monica Blvd also has a surplus so I always come out winning!

(One of my favorite thrifted outfits. Thrifted total was $10
The clutch is from Banana Republic with tags for 69.95)

Reason #2: No patience. 
There are days I go thrifting and I am just NOT feeling it. These are the worst days to thrift.
The amount of clothing annoy you. The dust making you sneeze annoy you.
The people shopping by you annoy you. 
LITERALLY everything gets under your skin.

To avoid this I decide there I need to thrift another day or if I am in the store already I go discuss clothing items with my thrifting partner (never thrift alone I talk about where here..)
Her energy and fashion usually helps me become less annoyed and will push me to shop for another 20 mins. 

What are ways you maximize sale days? Or shake off a shopping funk?

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  1. Whew, dusty mothball smelling thrift stores are what initially turned me off from thrifting. However, someone told me about the better stores in my area that had much better organization, better products, and definitely no smell. It wasn't a Goodwill or Salvation Army though. I think it was called B & S Thrift Store in Atlanta.

  2. I definitely don't have the patience to thrift. But i do notice that I always miss the really good sales. I need to stay in the loop better!

  3. Didn't know there were special sales on the weekends. I'm a person that likes to shop in the week because it is less crowded. These make sense though.

  4. Girl I have no patience and that is my problem. I have to be in the mood to look before I even step in the door.

  5. I have zero patience! I hate sifting through stuff. Places that have racks and racks full of random stuff drive me nuts. I want to walk in, see the style I like, grab the size I need and be on my way.

    Jay |

  6. I am not a thrifting person. My patience aren't meant for it. I love seeing the things people pick up.

  7. I've never been thrifting but I so want to try it! Now I know to bring a buddy along

  8. OMG I think this is why I fail at thrifting too. I have no patience...I give up but I want to do better.

  9. Yes! I fail most of the time lol. I need a new location!

  10. I'm a unsuccessful thrifter. That patience is a trait I don't exude. Lol!

  11. I need to get on this more. I need to figure out how to do this better and find a reliable store near me.

  12. Thank you for these tips. I think they will come in handy for shopping in general. I can't wait to apply them.


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