Recap of my Trip to Africa + Dubai

12:36 PM

Welcome home! Those are the words I will never forget hearing upon arriving in Africa.
 It was such an enlightening trip. I highly recommend visiting the land of creation.

I visited South Africa. Johannesburg to be more exact.

I flew to Africa on Emirates. I heard great things about the airline and wanted to test out the airline in case for future trips to Asia and Australia. Since the Emirates hub is located in Dubai I thought I may be able to squeeze in some time there as well. The flight cost $1200.00 (not bad right!) I flew to Dubai (15 hours from LA) had a 2 hour layover. Then I flew to S.Africa (8 hours) Whew!
The crazy part is the day before my trip Emirates had a plane catch on fire during landing. Yes, I was freaking out. But the Emirates staff was able to evacuate everyone in minutes so there were no casualties. My flight was delayed a few hours and it was worth it! My NEW flight was empty. I was able to sleep laying across all 3 chairs for both flights!

The country was full of friendly locals. They were eager to teach me Zulu! My friend and I stayed at Eagles Nest Lodge which was in a residential area of Fourways. I had my own room and bathroom. I visited two NGO's and a few townships. The main townships I visited was Alexandra and Soweto. There were many highlights from this trip. The main one had to be being in Africa. I felt at home. Everywhere I went there was history. I spent 11 days in Johannesburg and cannot wait to go back.

 I visited a few townships and tourist locations. The list is below:
Mandela's Mall
Moyo Zoo Lake
Nelson Mandela's house
Apartheid Museum
Lion and Safari Park
Elephant Sanctuary
I also shopped a lot the local shops to purchase gifts.

(I was afraid to touch the cheetah initially. So I was grabbing the guide)


I visited Dubai for 19 hours. It was quick turnaround and I need to plan a trip just to explore more of it. But what I did see was fantastic. I went on a tour of Dubai at night and a friend that lives in Abu Dhabi picked me up and took me to explore her city. The main place we visited was the Shaikh Zyad Grand Mosque. This place was beautiful! The architecture and care of the facility was amazing. 

What trips local or international are on your bucket list? 

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  1. Of course now I want to visit Africa since your trip! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Everyone should go! It is such an eye opening experience. Thanks for commenting.

  2. My brother just mentioned taking a family trip to Africa. I think it will be such a fabulous trip. I am bookmarking this page so I can have a reference for places to visit.

    1. Yes it amazing! I told my brother and sister we need to take a trip to travel back. We had a tour guide while we were there. I am more than happy to share his information with you. He drove us around and stayed with us the entire day.


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