Optimize Your Thrifting: Define Your Style

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What is style? I've said before style is whatever you make it. Knowing your "style" will help you thrift better. It will help you find the brands you like, fabrics that fit your body perfectly and the best colors for your skin tone. 

I have been thrifting now for over 5 years. I hardly shop retail and when I do please believe it is on sale. After browsing the aisles of a lot of goodwills, I began to learn what cuts, brands and colors I loved and look great on me. Well, let's break it down so you can score big too! 

 We all have certain brands we like. Here is how you can expand upon the brands and your style. 
Go inside a store you normally do not shop in. I often try clothing on in Express to familiarize myself with the styles and cuts of the clothing. Trying on the clothing from a store you do not frequent will assist you with adding more styles to your wardrobe. 
Since Nordstroms has a variety of brands I tend to shop and try on clothing there as well. 

I often browse Target and H & M to continue to be able to spot a style from a certain season or if they have a new collection from a stylist I may like. I have spotted a skirt I loved from a season ago at a thrift store. 

Style goes beyond a season! Style is you! It is how you choose to express yourself! 

Because of this technique, I know what I like I am able to eye ball a lot of items inside a thrift store. There are a few brands and style I love and fit me perfectly. Brands: Target, H&M, JCrew, Old Navy, Black House/White Market and a few off brands. 

I love dresses that have a high waist and compliment my figure and skin tone. Button down shirts and sweaters have been my newest craze. 

*There are a few items I NEVER thrift. I do not thrift pants, shorts, undergarments or workout clothes.*

What brands do you love?

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  1. I'm definitely not brand loyal. I wear whatever looks great on my shape.

  2. I love Urban Outfitters (but their prices are insane for no reason lol). I started wearing mens sweaters as dresses and no one knows the difference. Clearly I stole this trend from Kim K but still 😅

  3. I love Anthropolie and ASOS plus the ones you love too. I have just started thrifting. I've found Amazon high end jeans in the thrift stores.

  4. I absolutely love Anthropologie and American Apparel! I love thrifting at Platos closet, I can get 10 outfits for under $100! Thanks for your thrifting inspiration.

  5. I do thrifting but it's mostly high end thrift shops like UAL which is United Apparel liquidators or resale shops. I can always find lightly used clothes or handbags super cheap

  6. I don't shop in thrift stores but i love a good sale and love when i can pay 10 or less for a dress or cute shirt. That's a good idea to try different clothing in preparation for thrift finds.

  7. such a great read, my friend loves thrifting I will be passing it along

  8. Nice post! I work in an affluent community, and I've been dying to go to the thrift stores there. I love wrap dresses and pencil skirts. Like you, I would never thrift undies and workout clothes.

  9. Great post! I love to Thrift! If I try really hard I can find some great things but sometimes it's hard to Thrift for plus sizes. I love going to Goodwill but recently my local Goodwill has mixed up all the sizes and I hate digging around for plus size so now I don't go that much anymore. They used to have a plus size section and I stayed up in there! LOL


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