4 Tips On Furnishing Your Apartment at Low Cost

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As a millennial, I stayed at my mother's house for as long as I could. Then once I completed my Master's degree and started my Ph.D program I felt I was financially stable to move. So I began preparing & planning on how the move can be less of a financial strain. Here are my tips for everyone not just millennials that want to move out and not break the bank or use their credit card to furnish it.

Fast forward to now I moved and am loving the space! I can't wait to be creative and have my home be a reflection of things and colors I love. All while on a budget of course. I still want to be debt free within the next 5 years. (You can read about my plan for that here.) I put together a list of items that have helped me move with furniture and not break into my piggy bank.

(Pictured: dinning room table, plates and picture recent purchase from Goodwillsocal, center piece is from Savers)

1. Friends & Family: One of my friends was getting married and was moving from her apartment into her future husband's place. She posted that she was selling items. I quickly responded and was able to purchase her couch, two lamps, & TV for $350. My sister purchased a dinning room table that seated two people. She gave it to my mother who later decided she wanted a larger table. Wha la! The dinning room set was all mine. :)

(Pictured: Couch, lamp, end table, drink coasters and pillows.)

2. Gently used items: You guessed it! Thrifting inexpensive items is a great way to keep cost low. I have purchased quite a few items from Thrift stores or Consignment shops.  
      • Ikea Coffee table $10 (Craig's list)
      • TV stand $10 (Savers)
      • Paris themed painting $6 (Salvation Army in Atlanta) 
      • Decorative pillows (Little Company of Mary thrift shop)
 (Old fashion Paris picture $6.99 Salvation Army)

3. Hope Chest: I would browse the house wears aisle and purchase clearance items. I would store these items in a bin in my mother's garage. I purchased drink coasters, cups and more towels. I also purchased pictures to hang in the apartment.
(Pictured: coffee table, tv stand & my bike which was a gift) 

4. Companies Closing: K-mart was a recent company that closed near me. They were offering a range  of items with an 20%-40% off. I purchase my pots, pans and more towels from there.

Share some of your tips for furnishing your apartment at low cost. As my apartment comes together I will continue to share how I am adding my personality into the apartment and where I purchased the decor.

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  1. These are excellent tips! I think I want to thrift more!

    1. Thanks for commenting. :) Let me know what you score!

  2. Congrats on scoring the couch and table. That's what I call winning!

  3. Awesome tips! You got some really good finds! #BlmGirls

    1. Thank you! Thanks for stopping and showing some BLM love :)


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