Goodwill Socal: Tour Part I

7:30 AM

Goodwills have always been my favorite store to shop for discounted clothing and housewears. When you're a student you are always on a budget. So please believe you can find me browsing the aisles on a sale day! I admit as much as I loved shopping at various Goodwills I was unaware the of assistance Goodwill provided to the community. So naturally I was excited to tour Goodwill Southern California's Fletcher Sq location to learn more about their slogan of "Transforming Lives Through the Power of Work".

Upon arriving at the Fletcher Sq store, I was excited to take a look around prior to my tour and get a lay of the land. This was one of the biggest locations I have seen. The store was great! It was easy to find items. (Yes, I purchased a few things *wink*) I will discuss those items in Part II.

The first stop on my tour was the store. This particular store receives items donated from the community as well as designers.  It was a very large store. The second stop on our tour was the back sorting room. Here is where they sort through the clothing to locate the items that can be sold and spot check it. Yes, that is right Goodwill Socal wants to ensure they are providing you quality merchandise. Once checked it is placed on hangers and on the clothing rack. It goes through a second inspection by a manager before going out on to the floor. 

The third stop on our tour was walking through where all of the clothing is stored. I have to admit seeing all of the clothing items was overwhelming. The waste that we participate in regarding clothing was very clear. All of these items could have ended up in a landfill but instead is being sorted and resold. This made me feel great about thrifting and doing my part to reuse items that were discarded.  

All of the clothing at Goodwill Socal is placed on sale a month after it has been brought in. The sales are  allied "color of the week sales" and clothing tagged a specific color will be $1 on Thursday. After a month if the item is still in the store they take it to their Outlet store. At the Outlet store, clothing items can be purchased by the pound. 
If clothing items are not purchased at the Outlet, it moves on to an auction. The auctioned clothing items are sold but the tub. It was great to see all of the steps Goodwill Socal was taking to sale the clothing. The proceeds from the clothing go to training and employee veterans or those with disabilities.

The clothing that Goodwill Socal cannot sell in their stores are packed into box like shapes, tied together and sold to commodity brokers/textile recyclers.

After the tour, on my drive home all I could think about were all of the clothing that did not make it to thrift stores. Instead are thrown away and end up in our landfills. I am doing my part. I donate to thrift stores and also give clothing to friends and family. What about you?
Here are a few things you can do to help:
1. Only shop when you absolutely have to shop
2. Before throwing it away see if a friends or family member can use it
3. Donate! Donate! Donate!

These steps will ensure we do our part for Planet Earth. As well as looking out for our community.

Curious about the Goodwill Socal I visited? They offer tours once a month. Click here for more information. They conduct tours of the facility every month. Part two will be posted soon. 

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  1. Wow! Those are a lot of clothes. I didn't realize what the process was like for sorting clothing at Goodwill. I love shopping at Goodwill. I always find good deals and pretty cool styles.

    1. Yes the amount of clothing was eye-opening. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I wouldn't call myself a thrifter but I've gotten some really amazing pieces from Goodwill. I located a family shelter in my neighborhood that I give just everything to, clothes, toys, electronics everything. Love this post!

    1. Nice! You are definitely doing your part and I am sure that family shelter appreciates it. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. What an awesome tour, queen! I love shopping at Goodwill!

    1. Thank you! And yes Goodwill shopping is where it is at!


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