Goodwill Socal: Tour Part II

7:30 AM

Here is the second post for the Goodwill So Cal tour I took.  One of the main reactions I receive from people who find out that I thrift is shock that I found cute items at a thrift store. To be honest, people get rid of great items all the time for various reasons. It's the patience of sorting through all the clothing to find those cute pieces. Well, that is because I believe you can find ANYTHING at the Goodwill. So let's go through the items I spotted and the items I purchased.

This plate caught my eye because it is perfect for Spring and I saw a fellow blogger chatting about finding similar plates at Marshalls. At Goodwill, these plates were $3.99! 

This dress caught my eye because of the beautiful Palm tree print and color. It has tags from Nordstroms listed at $148.00. It was selling at Goodwill for $10.99 . It was a Small Petite which is not my size. So I had to leave it.

These Zara shoes were priced at $49.99. They were two toned black and brown. Again not in my size they were a 6 1/2. 

Some chucks with a little bit of flare.

I purchased two plates and this picture for my kitchen. The plates were priced at $3.99 but since it was the color of the week I received an additional 50% off. The picture was $6.99. I also purchased this Gingham shirt for $6.49. If you want to see how I styled that shirt click here.

Then if none of these items caught your attention you can always grab one of these guys. There is something for every size and style at  Goodwill Socal be sure to check out their website for their locations. 

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  1. You made some amazing thrift finds! Your tour was superb!

    1. Thank you! Yes I was able to score some great items!


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