How to Create a Thrift Plan

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Creating a thrift plan is similar to a having a grocery list or a to do list on a busy day. You must have a plan! So what's your thrift plan? Here is how I plan mine.

 What do you need:
Every weekend my sister and I would turn on some music and try on clothing to see what we could mix and match. It was our personal fashion show. Now that I live alone the party is down to one but I still try on clothing items to see what items I can maximize in my closet. 

Best locations:
Size and quality is everything. I visited a Goodwill in Hollywood and majority of the items were a size 0-4 or too short for my backside that easily takes at least 2-3 inches off of any dress. So that thrift store is not the location for me. In contrast, I have located some great thrift stores that are perfect for me. This past weekend I visited a store that receives donations from Target. 

Sale day:
Join the mailing list for the thrift stores in your area. Some of the smaller ones may not email about their sale days so that means you will need to visit them frequently and become friends with the clerks. 

Colors or Patterns:
I love a great fitting dark purple, blue or gray dress. However now that it is Spring I realized I do not have any bright colors. So now I am on the hunt to add more color to my closet.

There it is! Those are my secrets to how I plan. I share more tips here and here.
Do you have any tips? How do you plan your thrift attack?

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  1. Hi, there! I popped over from the linky party at Life on Summerhill. I love me some Goodwill! I live in Nashville, and we have a Goodwill Outlet store where everything is sold by the pound--79 cents a pound. I'm not much of a fashion girl (blue jeans & t-shirts are more my speed), but I've found tons of craft supplies, home decor, games and toys.

    I read several of your posts. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!


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