Edgar & James: Grand Opening Bixby Knolls!

8:52 AM

A new thrift location opened within 20 minutes from me so you know I had to pop in. This loction is located in Bixby Knolls. It is specialty store that is operated by the Goodwill. This location is the second of its kinds in the Los Angeles area. 

Upon walking in I could already see that the items were very unique. This cute display was near the entrance. So many quality pieces and it was easy to see the items were handled with care prior to being donated. 

This dress was Target brand so of course it caught my eye. I checked no stains or holes and cheaper than its original price. If you re wondering why this store is  little more pricey than Goodwill its simple. The Edgar & James' store is similar to most consignment shops only these items were donated locally or at one of the sister stores. Because of the high quality and/or unique item is hand selected and sold at the Edgar & James store. At the store, you can find mens, women's, kids and items for you home. You can also find one of a kind and vintage items. 

So if you like to shop online at ThredUp or any other high end thrift store Edgar & James is another store you can add to your thrift shopping locations. I am not much of an online shopper I am always nervous about the color and fit. With the Edgar & James speciality store, I can try it on in store and score some unique items.

Okay back to this location... as I continued to walk in there was no dusty smell. Everything was clean and well organized. The colors of the items popped out and beautifully displayed. 

 Look at how stylish these fitting rooms are. Gives the store a very modern touch. So cute! 

Don't forget to join their email list so you can be made aware of sales at other Goodwills or any events happening at the Edgar & James store. You can also follow their Instagram.

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