Product Review: Pantene Gold Series

11:29 AM

 I was sent the new Pantene Gold Series by Influenster complimentary to review. I was excited to try a new hair product. I am recovering a product junkie so I try not to browse the natural hair aisle. First step is admitting I have a problem. :)

Moisture Boost Shampoo: The Shampoo did not leave my hair feeling dry. It does have Sodium Laureth Sulfate. I am not very strict on too many ingredients (I know. I know I probably should be.)  The shampoo I currently use is Sulfate free but once a month I like to use on with SLS to clean my scalp and strands. I would purchase this product is the cost was $9.99-10.99.

Moisture Boost Conditioner: The conditioner was great! It had a great amount of slip. I like to finger detail my hair. I was able to comb through my hair with my fingers and then follow through with a comb with ease. *WINNER WINNER* - I would purchase this product if the cost was $9.99-$12.99.

Hydrating Butter Cream: I know I previously mentioned that I am not strict on too many ingredients. I do however check for one ingredient Mineral Oil. The Hydrating Butter Cream has mineral oil in it. Mineral Oil coats my hair strains and give it a false shine. It looks healthy but the oil sits on top and is unable to penetrate my hair shaft. I would need to use a product with SLS to strip my strains to moisturize them. I would not purchase this product.

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