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Fall is around the corner and if you are like me you purchased a lot of spring and summer clothing items. Majority of what I purchased were bright colors or off the shoulder dresses. *Shimmy Shimmy*  So with Fall quickly approaching its time to add some Fall inspired outfits. Instead of going back to my usual color selection... black and grey. I decided I wanted to keep it interesting and continue to add color.

I partnered with Goodwill So Cal for an in store thrifted photo shoot. Be sure to follow them and me (of course) on instagram to look at other thriftspired outfits and sales.
IG: Becc Smith
IG: Goodwill So Cal  

 I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I visited the Fletcher Sq store that I toured to show how items are sorted and sold. It was a two part blog post you can find here and here. Each outfit was under $25 dollars. Read on for the price break down... and outfits. *Wink*

(Dress $7.49 & Merona Heels $9.99)

While the outfit above does not have sleeves it is the perfect Fall color. I opted for the light pink shoe color. This total outfit is $18.

(Dress $7.49, Sweater 6.49 & Shoes $9.99)

This dress is made by Forever 21. I paired it with a sweater is Merona and shoes were the perfect light pink color. I work in an office most of the day but it can get a little chilly inside the building. So this is a perfect outfit to look cute and fight the cold. Total of this outfit is $25.

(Shirt $6.49, Pants $5, & Shoes $9.99) 
This outfit has to be one of my favorites. It says comfy and simple. The sweater is Old Navy, pants (from a previous thrift mission) are America Eagle and the shoes are an off brand. Total of this outfit $23.

(Shirt: $6.49, pants $5, Shoes $9.99) 

This is the final outfit. I loved this shirt. It is JCrew, jeans are American Eagle and shoes are Merona, a Target brand. The total for this outfit $23.

Which outfit was your favorite? 

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  1. My favorite look is the cobalt blue dress with pockets. Perfect for work or a night out, depending on how it's styled.


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