Budgeting: Trimming the Fat

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Trimming the fat from your budget allows for room to save more money to throw at your debt. Depending on your spending habits there are quite a few things you can trim. Here are a list of items I cut out that helps me save hundreds of dollars!

There are a few items from my personal care list I decided were more of a luxury and I am more than capable of doing. I was comfortable paying for the pleasure of having someone else do them but when trying to pay off debt I had to become a little strict with my income. These items included straightening my hair, getting my eyebrows done and getting a pedicure and manicure. Each of these items I do for myself and will budget it in if I want to treat myself.

I cut my shopping budget down tremendously. Yes, I thrift but thrifting can quickly turn into a shopping sphere. I have spent $100 on thrifted items at $2 sale. Crazy right!? So now when I thrift I shop only on sale days and only for the items I need. A few months ago Goodwill SOLAC had a $3 sale. So I stocked up on sweaters and other Fall items.

Eating out/Groceries:
My grocery budget for the month is $160 which is broken down weekly to $40 a week. This took a while to create since I am picky about what I eat and wasted a lot of food. I had to learn how to make enough food to last a week and not get tired of eating multiple times. So now I make 2-3 meals a week and rotate them.

My Eating out budget helps with my meal prep as well. It gives me a break and allows me a planned splurge. This budget is set at $80 a month and $20 weekly. If I spend less than my budget I save that money and pay on a student loan. It sounds like a lot of work but once you get in the groove; it is easy!

What are some things you have cut out to make you income stretch?

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